Potential Battles You Face As A Home Seller

If you are going through the stages to sell your house like I did recently, I completely understand your struggle. I faced many battles when trying to sell my house. It was an extremely time-consuming and emotionally challenging process. You may be thinking will anyone ever buy my house? I thought the same thing every time a buyer scheduled a showing, but we never heard back after that. I decided to share a few of the challenges I faced when trying to sell, and show you how to avoid them so you can sell your house for the highest possible price and still keep your sanity.

Battle #1 Emotional Involvement

I loved my home so much and the only reason I was selling was because I had to relocate. If you asked my opinion, I would have told you that my home was in pristine condition and no one would be able to turn it down. Much to my surprise many buyers did not agree, and it upset me deeply. Everyone didn’t see my home as a gem like I did, and they showed through the offers they made. I had to realize that the memories and feelings I created in this home were not for sale, and I couldn’t expect to add those things into the purchase price. Once I was able to look at the sale as purely a financial transaction and distance my emotions and memories from the deal, I was able to see what buyers saw and I realized that my home was not perfect. I thought it would be easy to sell my house, but it was in need of some minor things to make it more appealing to buyers.

Battle # 2 Not Properly Preparing

Tying into the first battle, my emotions clouded my judgment when it came to properly preparing my home to sell. I thought the condition was all that mattered, but most of the feedback I received from buyers was that I did not stage my home in a way that made it stand out. Although my home looked nice to my standards, I can see how a traditional buyer can expect a home that has been professionally cleaned, painted, and de-cluttered. By neglecting these small things that buyers look for, I was throwing money down the train and missing out on potentially good offers from interested buyers willing to take a second look.

Battle #3 Higher Expectations

A smart buyer with a good agent will make sure they negotiate to the fullest. Not knowing this tidbit also kept me from selling as quickly as I could. If I wanted to compete with other sellers, I had to realize that expecting to receive my asking price was not the best move. I also neglected to look at offers from investors who also did not offer the asking price, but many of them were willing to buy the same day, and in many cases pay cash for my home. In order to make a buyer feel like he or she is getting a good value I had to change my listing price to one that would attract buyers and leave room for negotiations, if needed.

As a seller I know these battles can drain you mentally and emotionally, but never fall into the trap of thinking the market is the reason your house is not selling. If you are having trouble selling your home it may be due to one of the reasons I listed above. Sometimes our homes may sit on the market for longer than expected because of our unrealistic expectations and our unwillingness to accept offers from other buyers like investors or companies who buy houses. I eventually found an investor that was willing to buy my house, but I first had to avoid making these costly mistakes. You can find a buyer too; just make every effort to learn from the mistakes of people like me!