Battle Strikers Toys and Games For Christmas Thrills

Battle Strikers toys and games are proving to be amongst the most wanted toys for thrill seeking children this year, and they would make ideal Christmas gifts. The difficulty is on knowing exactly what to get from any popular range. That’s where I step in to help a little. Presented here are some of the most wanted action gaming toys this Christmas.

First up though, what exactly are these toys and the game they are linked to? This is a game played by pitting spinning tops against each other in exciting tournaments. Made by Mega Bloks, this brilliant fun hobby is a collectable game where players can control the tops they send out onto the game arena. The magnetic tops don’t need ripcords and are an exciting twist on the classic battling tops game.

Some of the most wanted toys around right now include the Mega Bloks Magnext Battle Strikers Tournament Set with Mauler and Turbine Tops, the Mega Bloks Magnext Battle Strikers Arena, starter packs and more. Using the battery operated launcher, players are able to make sure their game toys hit home, and with the finger controller they are able to control what their Strikers do on the pitch! There are 16 toys in the range to collect, each one with different strengths and abilities in tournaments.

Suitable for children aged 6 and above, the easy to use controllers can be used either left or right handed, and are sure to cause some excitement this Christmas. They are well made, ensuring that they can be played with for a long time after Christmas without breaking. The Tournament set is a great idea for those wanting to get into the Battle Strikers craze, as it includes the battle arena, two launchers, two controllers and two Battle Strikers. With such a great range of toys to choose from, you can be sure that Battle Strikers toys and games will bring some thrills to your child’s Christmas this year.